Sue Pederson
"Homework" is my business!
Sue Pederson
"Homework" is my business!
Sue Pederson
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Dream big in 2016!

“The future is written in pencil.”


How’s your future shaping up this year? Ready to give it a brand-new address?

Do you love where you’re living? Do you wish you had more space…less space…a different layout to suit a changing lifestyle…even just a change of scenery?


Ben Franklin famously said, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch up with it yourself.”


When it comes to the home front, I specialize in turning ‘pursuit of happiness’ into ‘dreams come true.’ Have been for more than 30 years now. Ask my clients. Over nearly three decades, I’ve helped hundreds of people turn their pursuit of the American dream into the reality of a house-warming party - often two, three, even four times over.


I’m doing it again in 2016.  Yes, even today, in this fast moving markets!


Restaino & Associates remains a leader in South Central Wisconsin real estate. The end the year was a banner period for sales. We've never had better tools to help you to get a head-start on your search – in fact, right now is a great time to set yourself up with a personalized search right here on our Restaino website.


But finding the perfect home is just the starting point. With more do-it-yourself buyers and sellers, we're seeing more complex transactions that require, like never before, the skill and experience of a good agent. In fact, for the sake of peace of mind, a great many people who find a home on their own choose to use a professional Realtor® to ensure a predictable and smooth transaction.


Please...give me a call. Let's see whether we'd like to work together. I'll bet the answer is yes.


Make 2016 the year your future comes alive with a brand-new address!



That I'm easy to work with

How do I know that? Because referrals are the heart of my business. No only do my past clients keep coming back, but they recommend me to friends, family and colleagues—because I’m easy to work with. Other Realtors® like working with me, too, which makes the process so much easier for everyone. In fact, many Realtors® are so comfortable with my style and attention to detail that when they retire, they refer their past clients to me. I’m proud of that. 


That I know the market
I'm a lifelong resident of Madison and I know the Dane County home market inside and out. Because I have an extensive network, I often hear about properties before they hit the market—and I can get the word out about your listing before it’s even posted on the MLS. 


That I know the business

 With 30 years in the residential real estate, it’s hard to surprise me with a challenge I haven’t seen and solved before. I’m a pro at anticipating where a transaction might get derailed and keeping it on track. 


That I’m at the leading edge of real estate

Real estate has changed a lot since my parents were Realtors® (yes, both of them—I come by this passion honestly). I take professional development seriously, which means I stay on the cutting edge of new information, new regulations and new sales strategies. 


That I’ll put technology to work for you and make it feel seamless
I’m tech-savvy and I have access to the best tools in the business. The systems I have in place to track every step of your transaction as good as guarantee you a professional edge as you buy and sell a home. 


That nothing will get ‘lost in translation’

Strong communication skills are at the heart of every truly satisfying real estate transaction. I’m a perceptive listener and thoughtful communicator. Count on it. 


That you’ll enjoy working with me

There are a lot of reasons that referrals are the heart of my business – and not just for the practical reasons already mentioned. Personality is a big piece of it. I bring a lot of myself to your home buying and selling experience –

     -- a powerful, life-long work ethic

     -- a good-natured personality

     -- a great sense of humor

     -- and a strong sense of caring for my clients, many of whom become my friends.


That I’ll make an ironclad commitment to satisfying you

I commit to making sure that when we put the final ribbons on wrapping up your transaction, you’re happy with both the process and the outcome — that you’re happy, period.


Call me!

  Sue Pederson